A law firm focused on Private International Law in its different branches:

international contracts, international tax planning, international arbitration, international corporate organization, and international flow of capital, goods and services.


There are no limits to the business world. However, it is necessary to understand the singularities of each country well, something that goes further than knowing the customs and opportunities offered.

Thus, the knowledge of the international and specific legislation of the regions, the establishment of the best logistics regarding the different available modals, and the elaboration of legal instruments capable of supporting the various kinds of trade relations between partners and investors, either foreigners or Brazilians, are but some of the main points that will make the difference at the moment of choosing a partner for legal advice.

That is the mission behind the origin of Parente Patrocínio Advocacia, an innovative and bold office with the necessary knowledge to offer a better solution to your investment.


Julio Cesar
Parent Sponsorship

Founding lawyer registered at the Brazilian Bar Association, regional council of Ceará (OAB 39.816), and at the Portuguese Bar Association, council of Porto (OA 63792P).

Experience in International Law with an MBA
in Customs and International Legal Management. Specialization certificate in International Law and current student of Specialization in Business and Trade Law at UNIFOR (Universidade de Fortaleza). Also permanent member of some of the OAB-CE Committees such as Internacional Law, Administrative Law, and Maritime, Port, Airport and Customs Law.

Practice Area

* FIDIC – Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs

Contract considered as international standard for the engineering consulting industry. Its clauses aim to be applied to all cases and are based on thousands of successful projects around the world.


Tax planning, contract, and international arbitration with focus on corporate and real estate investments, global chains of productions, and services, as well as on sale and purchase agreements in foreign trade through maritime and air modals.

Development of planning in order to avoid double taxation and “undue” barriers in international trade, based on analysis of local legislation, rules of organization and international agreements with the aim of achieving better performance of logistics, efficiency, and business profitability.


Specialized legal advice to initiatives of partnership between foreign companies, company formation of foreign partners seeking to make investments in Brazil, and Brazilian businessmen willing to invest or open a company, a branch or a subsidiary abroad.

Legal advice in the construction and assembly chains of solar and wind farms, as well as in energy supply, in the form of EPC (engineering, construction and acquisition) and turnkey contracts, following the standard contracts FIDIC.

Focus on trade relations and investments between Brazil (state of Ceará), European Union (Portugal, Germany and Ireland), USA (state of Florida) and China.

Legal practice in the sector of technology and Digital Law. Corporate advice concerning adequacy to the Brazilian General Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, as well as e-commerce. Legal advice and practice in administrative and legal processes involving Brazilian laws and those of the European bloc concerning e-commerce and personal data protection. 

Invest in Ceará

Ceará, Brazilian state where the head office of Parente Patrocínio is placed, has a privileged geographic location. Its capital, Fortaleza, is the Brazilian city which is the closest to the United States of America, the European Union and Africa. Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, the state has two dynamic ports (one in Pecém, in the metropolitan region, and another in Mucuripe, in the capital), besides an Export Processing Zone. They provide an excellent infrastructure to international transport and trade.