Agreement between the Government and Amazon Will create Digital Center in Ceará with technological training for the youth

The state of Ceará signed this Tuesday (17) an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create the first Competence Center for Digital Transformation in the country.

The Center will work as an opportunity and capacity channel for the youth in the areas of education, research, development and innovation, according to governor Camilo Santana. The creation of the Center must also incentive government plans of digitalizing state public services.

“We want to transform Ceará by the end of 2022 into a digital government. We expect services to the population to be all digital, and that the state can accelerate its connectivity, technological processes, simplifying and improving the quality of services”, Santana said.

The agreement was signed by the governor, the general manager for the public sector at Amazon, Paulo Cunha, and the president of Ceará’s Information Technology Company (Etice), Adalberto Pessoa, responsible for all optical fiber network in the state.

With the transformation of public services to digital, the governor points out the advantage of structure reduction and information safety, as highlighted by Pessoa.

“When we migrate to the cloud, we reduce the structure, get a softer, safer operation and, moreover, make possible for the state to innovate. It is not like acquiring a machine so this machine lasts five, six years. If in six years from now a new technology is released, we can quickly migrate, making so that the state is always ready to innovate”, claims the president of Etice.

Amazon Web Services is a platform of computing services in the cloud, offered by Amazon, a North-American multinational technology company.

A thousand people initially attended

The Executive of Amazon in South America, Paulo Cunha, said that the aim of what he called the “first journey” of the Center in Ceará is to achieve a thousand citizens, among them, 700 students, teachers, public servants and citizens in general.

"Ceará, due to its focus on a digital government policy, also expanding that in a society where we can have companies, research, development, and teaching, provided the perfect environment for a joint release," he noted.

The government has not given details about the structure of the Competence Center for Digital Transformation yet or how the partnership with the education area will work.

Present at the signature of the agreement, Ceará Economic Development secretary, Maia Junior, mentioned the possibility of new projects with AWS.

“We are setting the foot of Amazon, AWS, in Ceará, we have other projects to be announced soon. Ceará is bringing the biggest digital transformation players in the world to collaborate with this project, which creates expectations and hope, above all, for the youth”, he said.

The Secretary of Science, Technology, and Higher Education of Ceará, Inácio Arruda, highlighted the importance of the opportunity for technological training of the youth. "Many young people need technological training. Amazon will find in Ceará a base of quality people to collaborate inside the universities, the laboratories. We will gain a lot with this quality of young people trained in the State of Ceará", he pointed out.

For the Secretary of Planning and Management, Ronaldo Borges, also present at the consolidation of the agreement, "it is the first step towards a daring digital transformation project”. He also spoke of "novelties" that should be announced next month, but did not give details.


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