Fortaleza has the second largest cable hub in the world

Fortaleza's technological hub occupies a prominent position. It is the second largest in the world. Currently, with 12 fiber optic submarine cables connected, it lags behind only Fujairah, in the United Arab Emirates, which has 13. The survey was conducted by the database specialist in the telecommunications market, Telegeography.

With the strong advance in recent years of large telecommunication companies, especially Angola Cables, Fortaleza has become a pole of concentration of submarine cables that connect the city with Africa, Europe and North America.

Operational, the Monet cables, which connect Boca Raton, Florida, to Fortaleza and Santos, and the SACS, which connects Angola to Ceará, are part of Angola Cables' more than US$300 million investment in the state. The operation of the multinational also involves a Data Center to be lauched in Praia do Futuro.

"More than consolidating the Angola Cables brand, Fortaleza actually ends up creating an attractive center for national and international players, because now there is a global connectivity of low latency and high capacity. This is why we are able to attract, for example, large international groups and companies, including those from Europe," so says the commercial leader of the company in Brazil, André Martins.

He highlights that the company has the cable with the lowest latency to the United States, besides a pioneering route to Africa. All passes through Fortaleza and, through the other cables, connects the city with other hubs in Europe.

Besides the presence in the technological market with the submarine cable connection, the Data Center installation is quite expected by the market and has already attracted the attention of large international companies, such as Google.

The commercial leader of Angola Cables tells that more than 70% of the Data Center's capacity has already been used even before launching. He reveals that a "large national media group" has closed a contract with the company to place its point of presence in Fortaleza.

"This Data Center is born very well connected to the world, because it already has connectivity with our submarine cables and, mainly, because it is a TIER III, with recognized international standards of quality, security, and reliability," he adds.

Regarding the presence in the Capital, Martins evaluates it as positive for the development of the city, because, according to the executive, Fortaleza was once a passage point, but now it has become a "presence point".

The development of the hub is also well regarded by the market. Emanuel Rodrigues, professor of the Computer Science Department at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) and member of the Computer Networks, Software and Systems Engineering Group (GREat), analyzes that the growing rate of the hub in Fortaleza is higher than other points in Brazil.

"When there is a data center installed, and cables connected to Ceará, we become a point of attraction. Service, content and internet providers will be interested in installing themselves where there is a junction of information," says the specialist.


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