Fortaleza overtook Salvador and has become the largest economy in the Northeast

Fortaleza is the city with the largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the Northeast, revealed a survey released this Wednesday (16) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), with data for 2018. the first time the city surpasses the capital of Bahia, Salvador, at least since 2002, beginning of the historical series of the research.

wealth generation

In 2018, the Capital of Ceará generated R$ 67 billion in wealth, while Salvador registered R$ 63.5 billion. In third place, further, Recife generated R$ 52.4 billion in the period.

In the national ranking, Fortaleza is in the 9th place, behind São Paulo (R$ 714.6B), Rio de Janeiro (R$ 364B), Brasília (R$ 254B), Belo Horizonte (R$ 91.9B), Curitiba (R$ 87.1B), Manaus (R$78.1B), Porto Alegre (R$ 77.1B) and Osasco (R$ 76.6B). The Capital has 1% share in Brazil’s GDP.


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