Green Hydrogen Hub in Ceará attracts oxygen company White Martins

White Martins has signed a memorandum of understanding with Pecém Complex, in Ceará, making official the interest in participating in Pecém-Ceará Green Hydrogen Hub, launched in February by the government of Ceará. The company is the second to join the project, which already counts with Australian Enegix.

The partnership intends to establish and develop the potentials of local production, primarily aiming export to Europe. Ceará is one of the largest producers of wind power, essential condition for the production of green hydrogen - in order to be classified as such, the product has to have renewable source as well as being obtained without carbon emission.

In view of the signing of the memorandum, Pecém Complex will offer support to map new business opportunities for the production and supply of green hydrogen by White Martins, informed the government of Ceará. 

We have identified in this partnership the possibility of innovation in the production and supply of clean energy with investments on the green hydrogen value chain, using the synergy of the air separation plant that White Martins already operates in Pecém Industrial and Port Complex", affirmed Guilherme Ricci, director of Liquefied Hydrogen and Natural Gas at White Martins.


The shareholders of Pecém Complex are the government of Ceará (70%) and the Port of Rotterdam (30%), in Holland. The partnership is seen as a competitive advantage to Ceará project, considering that the Port of Rotterdam is also implementing a hydrogen hub on a large scale in its port complex for the production, import, application and transport of hydrogen to Europe. "Thus, the project that will be implemented by White Martins, its partners and Pecém Complex may have the Port of Rotterdam as port of entry in Europe", informed the government of Ceará.


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