Invest in Ceará

In recent years, Ceará has also made significant investments in technology. The implementation of the so called Cinturão Digital (Digital Belt), which delivered 14,000 km of optical fiber, made possible the access to internet in all 184 cities in the state. Fortaleza, in turn, was consolidated as the world’s biggest technological hub. Nowadays, with the connection of 12 submarine cables of optic fiber, it stays behind only Fujaiha, in the United Arab Emirates, which has 13.

The first Brazilian state to install wind energy production parks, some 20 years ago.

The infrastructure, logistics and technological investments allowed the formation of maritime, air and technological hubs. Such initiative has attracted constant investments of big international conglomerates, with data centers being installed as well as logistics and industrial facilities. As examples, there are the investments of Portugal (community with great commercial relations), South Korea (through a steel company in Pecém), Netherlands (partnership between Port of Pecém, Port of Rotterdam and KLM air hub), France (Air France hub), Germany (Enercon - Wobben, wind and solar energy, and Fraport, concessionary company that administrates Fortaleza Airport), India (Suzlon – wind energy), China (pharmaceutical industry and intention to invest in an offshore maritime plant of wind energy), Angola (Angola Cables, submarine cables of internet and data center) and Spain (hotels and wind energy).

The strategic location and the dynamic economy have made Ceará stand out in Brazil, considering the high growing potential, besides attraction of international investments and partnerships.